domingo, 1 de febrero de 2009

Colaboración en el blog de mmChannel.

"Mobile Gaming: the potential of Free Games.

The mobile gaming market is set to shrink in 2009 after years of growth in cellphone sales. New phones boost game-buying, but the current financial situation within the globe is not helping to even keep the sales levels of the last years.

Because of all this, it is the right time to look for different business models. Following Chris Anderson's (Chief editor of Wired magazine) "Free" idea, we think it is a very interesting idea to consider.

The idea is to look for an alternative income source, not charging the customers but the companies who are interested in sponsoring our games, considering that this kind of free content is going to capture thousands of new clients .

This model is call to be one of the most successful models within these years of economic recession.

We think this is the missing part in order to fulfill a more attractive offer. Now the user will be able to buy the games they want, free of any publicity or get the games for free and see a few ads.

In mmChannel, we are working to bring to the customers the best Free Games solution.

Feel free to contact or visit us at the WMC in Barcelona this February for further details."

Este ha sido el primer post que he escrito en el blog en el que comienzo a colaborar. Esta entrada la he escrito en el blog de mmChannel, empresa internacional puntera, que esta especializada en entretenimiento digital.

Link al blog the mmChannel

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